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mombati mediterranean fig

Top: Bergamot, Lemon, Green, Fruity, Fig Tree Leaves
Middle: Fig Fruit, Floral, Green
Base: Fig Tree Wood, Lactonic, Amber, Musk

This is a Green Woody fragrance with an amazing Mediterranean outlook.

+++Something Like Summer truly captures the subtle sensation of 

 Fig infusion feels perfectly zen in a way, the right amount fruit, citrus, woods, greenness, musk, never spilling over, providing a consistent joyful unisex feelgood vibe you just won't ever get bored of.

very fruity and creamy, resembling a juicy coconutty fig

Lovely fresh green opening that makes you picture sun filtered through fig leaves, cool green bark in the middle and then a fairly masculine woody drydown. It makes me nostalgic in a way for my childhood summers; exploring through gardens and under bushes, and breathing in the scent of the warm leaves and crushed twigs.

I love figs. I love their stoutness, fatness, their bold and raw coloration, their romantic womb-like appearance. I love the squat and stately tree they grow on. I love that they are technically an inverted flower, I love the strange and brutal relationship they have with the wasps that pollinate them. Most of all, I love to eat figs, I love their wonderful fresh flavor and delicate texture and so of course it follows that I would love their scent. It fills me with glee to smell like a fig because that's about half as good as if I were eating them all day.

Philosykos opens with a photorealistic green fig leaf, fresh yet fruity, giving way to a juicy, pulpy fig note. There is a dewy, green freshness in the background which prolongs the leafiness as the fig becomes sweet and jammy.

As it develops, the coconut emerges softly in the background, adding its lactonic, tropical quality to this scent. It is an inspired, unexpected addition, complementing the fig to perfection. It becomes woody as it dries down, with fig leaf remaining until it fades. Sillage and longevity are moderate. 
A unisex concept scent, Philosykos won't be deemed wearable by all. But I adore this photorealistic figgy scent, and would wear it during spring/summer days. Evocative and beautiful, this is something quite specia

nostalgia in a bottle Then, you pick a fresh fig and start to eat it while enjoying the view of the beautiful coastline. You taste and smell the juicy fig as a cool ocean breeze hits you; it cuts down the smell of the fig, making it something delicate and airy while feeling a clean cooling sensation. 

It smells like holidays but in the authentic sense not the current, fashionable gourmand, sun cream way. It's really beautiful. I'm quite lost for words (helpful when writing a review!) Holiday romance memories in a bottle

It's the smell of fig trees basking in sunshine, when the wind touches them. They do not smell like this all the time. Only when moved afresh. They don't even have to bear fruits yet. A milky scent, with clearly detectable fruity edge known better from its ripe fruit, together with freshness and slight tartness of green foliage that was drowning in sunshine all day. Diptyque's scent captures this subtle sensation of nourishing and fragrant promise of change perfectly. If you've never walked pass a fig tree during a sunny day and would love to know the sensation - Phylosykos will satisfy your curiosity. It's perfect. One of the truly artsy creation to capture something special.

Philosykos opens with a photorealistic green fig leaf, fresh yet fruity, giving way to a juicy, pulpy fig note. There is a dewy, green freshness in the background which prolongs the leafiness as the fig becomes sweet and jammy.

The intense glossy, deep green of fig leaves dancing in a gentle Mediterranean breeze hits you at first spray. I grew up in Sicily and the sweetness of freshly picked figs – with their sticky sugary taste and milky sap – is something I will never forget. This scent took me back to those times, with vivid memories and a sharp, extremely natural smell. The real star in this perfume are fig leaves and fresh, round green notes, followed by the slightly milky notes of fig fruits and coconut. Perfectly unisex, it's not as sweet as I expected it to be. Since it really delves into the tree-like notes it's definitely not a safe blind buy: you have to love that slight bitterness or be willing to layer it with something light and sweet to get an edible fig/gourmand scent, if that's what you're looking for. If you love natural, realistic green and fruit scents you'll love to bathe in this in spring and summer.