About Issyco

Founder and creative Isobel Vincent launched Issyco Candle Studio in April 2020: a small batch, handmade candle company.

"To me fragrance has an immediate impact on your mood. I want you to feel that sense of calm and contentment when you walk in the room, to take a moment for yourself and breathe."

Having lived in California for the last twenty years, she returned to Sydney in 2018 with family in tow. By the start of 2020 Isobel had everyone settled into their new life, and found herself longing to reignite her creative side. During a wonderful afternoon spent with two of her oldest and most creative friends, Isobel confided her forever dream to create a candle company. As only friends can, she got the (not so) gentle push needed to fan that creative spark into a flame, and combining her aesthetic and strong history of design, Issyco was born.

"If I'm going to have candles in my home, then I want them to be clean burning, aesthetically pleasing, and smell amazing."

Isobel spent the last year designing, burning, mixing and testing on any horizontal surface in her home to create a product of which she's incredibly proud.

Welcome to Issyco. Our hope is you'll find something here that lights up your world, and brings you much joy.

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